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Hydraulic tester


Technical Possibilities

All hydraulic pumps and motors

Using a wide range of custom-made coupling adapters, we are able to test nearly 100 per cent of all hydraulic pumps and motors currently on the market on our hydraulic test bench.

What else is special about our test bench? One thing that’s certainly special is the continuously adjustable rotation speeds and different pressures that we can run.

Another is the technical possibilities: on our PLC computer controlled test stand, we can also test closed and open hydraulic circuits, as well as built-in pumps of all kinds.

Thanks to the precision measurement shaft of our test bench, we can calculate rotation speeds and torques with a 0.1% degree of accuracy. We analyse the power input and output of your pumps, motors, cylinders or valves electronically and these figures are displayed digitally on the test bench’s control panel. By doing this, we guarantee  your repaired hydraulic unit works perfectly.

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  •  Assembly the old installation . 
  •  Replacement for winches motor and gearbox with new . 
  •  Sandblasting for winches . 
  •  New hydraulic units construction . 
  •  Installation in the ship with new inox pipe equipment . 
  •  Trial operation tests .

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